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Do you know about Phenylephrine for Wrinkles?

Only a few people have heard about Phenylephrine for wrinkles. It starts with a medication called Preparation H, which has the capability to shrink hemorrhoids. Years ago, people also claimed that Preparation H is effective for reducing wrinkles. They believe that the substances in the medication, such as shark oil and a live yeast derivative, are responsible for this wrinkles reduction capability. In 1994, Food and Drug Association (FDA) demanded that the manufacture of Preparation H change the formula of this product. This day, Preparation H that contains shark oil and live yeast substances is allowed in Canada and Europe, but it is banned in the United States.

The formula of Preparation H in the United States has been changed with Phenylephrine HCI instead. This is considered a vasoconstrictor and is usually used as a nasal decongestant. This chemical can be used to dilate pupils and increase blood pressure as well. In addition, some people do believe that Phenylephrine for wrinkles is effective on a temporary basis.


According to some dermatologists, Phenylephrine’s ability to constrict capillary is the source of its capability to temporarily reduce puffing eyes for instance. In fact, there is a dermatology teacher in New York who stated that Phenylephrine is useful to momentarily tighten up the skin around the eyes. It happens because the blood vessels are constricted and the tissue under the eyes is shrinking. However, you need to note that the manufacture of Preparation H has mentioned to the public that this product should not be put around the eyes.

Up to this date, there is no scientific research has been conducted to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Phenylephrine or Preparation H for wrinkles. Some people have reported that it can make the skin becomes dry. Sometimes inflammation and a burning sensation can occur when people use this product on their face. Another person reported that the product makes his face become red and the bags under the eyes were increasing in size. He also felt a burning sensation and was itchy under the eyes. His face was raw and swollen for two days because of the product. Good Reads

On the contrary, one expert said that Phenylephrine for wrinkles can be effective, at least on a temporary basis. It will tighten the skin hence it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well. However, the expert stated that if you use the product frequently, it can be harmful because your skin keeps tightening and loosening up which in the end will make the skin loses its elasticity. Therefore, if you want to utilize Phenylephrine for wrinkles, you have to consult with your dermatologist first. Most probability, he will recommend other products rather than Phenylephrine for wrinkles.

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