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What are the symptoms of severe complications after cataract surgery?

Complications can arise after cataract surgery has been done successfully. In fact, some people lose their sight completely because of some complications that occur after they’ve done cataract surgery. We don’t want you to believe that issues cannot come up even after the surgery. However, we are not saying this authoritatively. The matter of issues arising after cataract surgery is rare, but it is possible. Research shows that some people lose their sight because their symptoms do not even align with sight issues. So they started focusing on the subject as though they were battling with something different. However, we have taken it up as our responsibility to give you the complete list. Please read on! You must read for learning more about cataract surgery.

You might be wondering what the causes of those complications are. Humanly speaking, one should not have any issue again after one has done the needful. Some people might have read articles showing that the only way to restore one sight after battling a cataract is by doing cataract surgery. But before we move further, it would be nice if we look deeply into the causes of this further complication after one has done cataract surgery.

Cause of postsurgical complications

  1. The first thing that can bring about extra efforts after cataract surgery has been done is when one fails to follow the doctor’s instructions. There are some instructions that one needs to follow after the surgery. Some of the instructions may include; staying out of driving, taking some rest, and avoiding things that can bring a beam of lights to enter one’s eyes. Some people are instructed to keep out watching television for some days after the surgery. But they see it as though the doctor is joking. Therefore, one of the causes of postsurgical complications in cataract surgery is when one fails to follow the instructions given by the doctor or the surgeon. Click here to see some of the most effected countries by cataract problems.
  1. Another cause of postsurgical complications is if a quack surgeon does the surgery. People who have ultimately lost their sight in Sydney after cataract surgery lost it because they did the surgery in an eye clinic that lacks an experienced Ophthalmologist. That is why we used to tell people to ensure that they allow competent and professional cataract surgeons to help them out. There are countless eye clinics out there, and all of them are claiming to be the best. Therefore, one must carefully do thorough research before doing the surgery. Ensure that the surgeon is an expert.
  1. Failure to engage the eye in some exercise a few weeks after the surgery can result in issues. It is expedient for you to know that you need to do some exercise to engage your eye, perfecting your healing. But if one fails to do those exercises, issues might come up.

Some symptoms that might show up after the surgery

  1. Increase in eye pain: The moment you start feeling pain in your eye after surgery, you need to rise and do the needful. It may be that the surgeon did not perform his duty very well. Some people feel pain in their eyes after surgery; they think it’s just a pain that will go by itself. They eventually lost their sight.
  2. Blurry vision: The case may seem the same before the surgery. If you feel that your vision remains blurred, you should not overlook it. After the surgery, if you notice that things begin to look cloudy or dim even after the surgery has been done, please don’t overlook it. There’s a need for a medical checkup.
  1. Eye bleeding: Some people’s eyes will be bleeding. That are the symptoms they will see. Blood will start gushing out of their eyes. This symptom is so severe. It needs immediate attention because one may likely lose sight if care is not taken. learn more about bleeding eye symptoms by visiting
  1. Redness: Some eyes will remain red days after the surgery. If you see this symptom, don’t wait for people’s advice. Please rise! This issue is common among swimmers in Sydney. Some swimmers have gone through cataract surgery, and their eyes remain red. There’s a need for medical attention. Remember, you don’t overlook this kind of issue. Your eyes are the light of your body.
  1. Vomiting: Don’t be surprised that vomiting is part of the symptoms. Vomiting here may look out of context, but we want to assure you that it is one of the issues that can come up after cataract surgery. One must fully concentrate on all these points. Dear reader, have you done cataract surgery, and you’ve been vomiting after the process? Please don’t just look at it as something normal. We are boldly telling you that it can affect your sight. Don’t hesitate to contact a competent eye doctor for help.

We would like to chip in this, that the above symptoms may indicate a severe complication, such as;

  • Eye infection
  • Retinal detachment
  • Changes in the eye pressure
  • Eye damage
  • Dislocation of the intraocular lens
  • Secondary cataract

The only way to avoid all the above-listed symptoms is to contact your eye doctor regularly. As simple as this may sound, people used to take it for granted. Make sure you and your eye doctor are having a friendly conversation regarding your eye’s health. Also, there are some exercises that one needs to do after the surgery. You can check one of our articles where we discussed some training that one should engage in after cataract surgery. Go through that article; you will see some light training that you need to do.


The essence of this write-up is to enlighten everyone that has done cataract surgery. You all need to be careful and watchful. Remember, we said in our introduction that postsurgical issues do not constantly occur in all cases. But there’s a need for one to take note of some things that may likely affect one’s sight. However, we want to assure you that we are always open to receiving every question you might want to ask.